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Student Organizations Directory

American Association of Justice  
President: Wilson Blount
Contact Email: wblount@tulane.edu

American Bar Association  
President: Peter Hull
Contact Email: phull@tulane.edu

American Constitution Society  
President: Chris Edmunds
Contact Email: cedmunds@tulane.edu

President: Diem Ha
Contact Email: dha1@tulane.edu

President: Jayde Encalade
Contact Email: tulane@nblsa.org

Christian Legal Society  
Contact Email:

Civil Law Society  
President: Rachel Gulotta
Contact Email: rgulotta@tulane.edu

Disabilty & Health Law Society  
Contact Email:

Environmental and Energy Law Society  
President: Jamie Futral
Contact Email: jfutral@tulane.edu

Environmental Law Journal*  
President: Joshua Secor
Contact Email: jsecor@tulane.edu

Environmental Law Summit  
President: Alex DeGiulio
Contact Email: adegiuli@tulane.edu

Federal Bar Association  
Contact Email:

Federalist Society  
President: JR Stevens
Contact Email: jsteven2@tulane.edu

Honor Board  
President: Kelly Mitchell
Contact Email: kmitche6@tulane.edu

Int’l & Comp Law Journal*  
President: Ben Rumph
Contact Email: brumph@tulane.edu

Int’l Law Society  
President: Erin Mann
Contact Email: emann@tulane.edu

Jewish Law Society  
President: Talia Nimmer
Contact Email: tnimmer@tulane.edu

Journal of Law & Sexuality  
President: Levi Stoneking
Contact Email: jstonki@tulane.edu

Journal of Technology & Intellectual Property  
President: Casey Ebner
Contact Email: cebner1@tulane.edu

La Alianza  
President: Ana Paula Perez-Funes
Contact Email: aperezfu@tulane.edu

Lambda Law Alliance  
President: Stuart Trostle
Contact Email: htrostle@tulane.edu

Law Review  
President: Sheridan DuPont
Contact Email: vdupont@tulanelawreview.org

Law Students for Reproductive Justice  
President: Kelsey Eisen
Contact Email: keisen@tulane.edu

Law Women  
President: Yen Mai
Contact Email: ymai@tulane.edu

Maritime Journal  
President: Ben Glass
Contact Email: bglass1@tulane.edu

Maritime Law Society  
Contact Email:

Military Law Society  
President: Andrew Darlington
Contact Email: adarling@tulane.edu

Moot Court  
President: Rachel Gulotta
Contact Email: rgulotta@tulane.edu

Phi Alpha Delta  
President: Kelsannah Wade
Contact Email: kwade1@tulane.edu

Public Interest Law Foundatin  
President: Allison Skopec
Contact Email: askopec@tulane.edu

Sports Law Society  
President: Julie Bartens
Contact Email: jbartens@tulane.edu

Sports Lawyers Journal*  
President: Caroline Carmer
Contact Email: ccarmer@tulane.edu

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund  
Contact Email:

Technology & Intellectual Property Society  
President: Thomas Lemler
Contact Email: tlemler@tulane.edu

Tulane Education Law Organization  
President: Dayna Bauman
Contact Email: dbauman1@tulane.edu

Tulane Entertainment and Arts Law Society  
President: Judith Gronna
Contact Email: jgronna@tulane.edu

Tulane University Legal Assistance Program  
President: Levi Stoneking / Helen Buckley
Contact Email: jstoneki@tulane.edu

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance  
President: Peter Hull
Contact Email: phull@tulane.edu