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About the Honor Board, Honor Code

The Dean of the Law School delegates the authority to administer the Honor Code to the student Honor Board, which is established both to investigate allegations of unethical and dishonest behavior and to promote the best practices of ethics.

The Honor Code is designed to encompass all student conduct connected with academic activities. This includes examinations, written assignments, course requirements, and academic competitions such as law journals and Moot Court. The Code serves as a means of promoting a fair learning environment and upholding the academic reputation of Tulane University Law School. The Honor Board strives to secure the standard of honesty and integrity to which students are held.

Keep it Classy!

The Keep it Classy! campaign encourages students to explore and consider ethical issues in all courses of study, not just when taking Legal Profession or studying for the MPRE.  Keep it Classy! also encourages students to build healthy lawyering habits by incorporating the Model Rules of Professional Conduct into their daily lives, and greeting members of the Tulane family not just as classmates, professors, and staff, but as future colleagues.

Congratulations!  By reading this message you are well on your way to Keeping it Classy!