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Duo and Examsoft Student Information

Here is the latest information about Duo and important additional information regarding Examsoft.

Duo information

  1. Enrollment was from October 21st-26th, 2022.
  2. Students will now be prompted to authenticate via Duo upon attempting to access Outlook, One Drive, and Teams.
  3. This also, applies to the web version of Outlook, One Drive, and Teams or if any student attempts to access/download the aforementioned applications on a new device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.)
  4. If they are locked out of their Outlook and their Tulane password is up to date, it’s because they haven’t enrolled in Duo and will continue to be locked out unless they do so.  
  5. If they have enrolled and receive the Duo authentication screen but nothing appears on their phone, they must open the Duo app to approve the request if they don’t have the Push notification automatically enabled.
  6. The website to enroll is mfa.tulane.edu 

Additional reminders:

  1.  If students haven’t been receiving any communication from the Law IT Helpdesk, Academic Affairs, Deans, etc. please let us know so we can double check that they are added to the Law School’s listserv. 
  2. If students have a 12th Gen Core Processor (new computer) Examsoft currently doesn’t support it, so students that this applies to will need a loaner to complete their final exams.
  3. We have loaner laptops for students to checkout the day of their exams but they are limited and are on a first come first serve basis. 
  4. Students can’t take any loaners home. Once your exam is done, you must bring it back to our offices so we can reconfigure it for the next patron. 

If they have any further questions or need any assistance regarding Duo or Examsoft. Stop by the Law Technology Services offices located on the 4th Floor of the Law Library.