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FAN MAIL (Financial Aid News), July 2023

July 21, 2023

  • Students seeking federal loans should now log into Gibson Online  to make sure Terms and Conditions have been accepted, loans have been accepted (if needed), and all requirements for federal student loans have been completed. If not, these steps should be completed as soon as possible. Instructions for new students can be found on the Admitted Student Portal or for continuing students, here Tulane Law School Portal.
  • Students seeking aid who have not yet completed the 2023-2024 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) can do so at https://studentaid.gov/ as soon as possible. It will take about 7-10 business days for us to receive it. Once you are offered loans, follow the steps mentioned in the first bullet.
  • First bills went out July 15th and are due August 14th. Students not enrolled on July 15th will receive the first bill on August 15th.
  • Tulane Law School Scholarships disbursed to students’ Tulane accounts on July 8th provided the student was enrolled in at least ten credit hours at that time (part-time LLM credit hours required may vary).
  • Federal student loans disburse to students’ Tulane accounts on August 14th provided all requirements are met and the student is enrolled at least half-time (five credit hours). If all requirements are met by August 14th, Accounts Receivable will be able to see that and accept the loans as payment.
  • Interest rates on federal loans are set at 0% until September 1, 2023 due to COVID-19, then they’ll start again.  They’re re-set each year on July 1. New interest rates for the coming school year are:
    • Federal Direct Un
  • Origination fees on federal direct loans are:
    • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan 1.057%
    • Federal Direct Graduate Plus Loan 4.228%
  • Seat deposits will be, or have been, applied to students’ Tulane accounts. However, locker charges may be applied after the bill is paid. Keep an eye on your Tulane student account for any charges that may be applied after the bill is sent out and/or paid. For example, if books are charged at the bookstore, those charges may not be applied to student accounts until after bills are received.
  • Students taking out loans for living expenses should be sure to be set up on Direct Deposit and Request a Refund when aid disburses. If it’s done now, it’ll be held until aid disburses. Instructions are here: How to Get Set Up on Direct Deposit and Request a Refund. Student who are new to taking out federal loans at Tulane should complete the Release of Title IV Form and return it to Accounts Receivable if they have not yet done so (acctrec@tulane.edu).
  • In order for Free Applications for Federal Student Aid (FAFSAs) to load into the Tulane system, your social security number must be in the Tulane system and be correct. Students who need to add or change their ssn’s may do so by completing this form Social Security Number Change-Update. The university’s main Registrar Office will receive the form and needed identification and make the change. It may take 7-10 business days for the FAFSA to be released to us here in the Law School Financial Aid Office for review. Missing or incorrect ssn’s is the most common reason students haven’t been offered federal loans.
  • For questions about Tulane health insurance, contact Campus Health at campushealth@tulane.edu or visit their website for detailed information. Campus Health
  • For questions about financial aid, contact us at finaid@law.tulane.edu or call us at 504-865-5931. If there is no answer, leave a message because we’re on another line. This will come to our email accounts and we’ll reply as soon as possible.
  • For questions about your bill, contact Accounts Receivable at acctrec@tulane.edu .